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Ethno house "Torlaci"


Ethno house "Torlaci" is located near Knjaževac (11.5 km) in the area of the village Jakovac, called Beljiči, about 800 m from the road 35 Knjaževac-Zaječar with which it is connected by a macadam road. Ethno house "Torlaci" is fully equipped to receive tourists, and is in excellent condition. It consists of several buildings: two accommodation facilities with auxiliary rooms, accommodation facility with restaurant, kitchen, terrace, SPA complex with swimming pool, garage with workshop, boxes for dogs, private house. The total area of all buildings is 1.000 m2, while the land area is 10.000 m2.

The facilities are privately owned, and potential investors are offered the possibility of recapitalization, purchase of the entire property or part of about 50% in the partnership.

The facility is fully equipped with infrastructure, electricity, water, sewage (septic tanks).


The land is classified as construction land. Most of the facilities are legalized. A couple of new buildings are not registered in the cadaster, they are in the process of legalization.






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