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House near Bor Lake


The house in the village of Brestovac, near Bor Lake, private owned, is a facility that can be converted for tourism.

On the same plot where is a house that can be equipped to accommodate 10 to 15 guests, there is another completed weekend house that can be rented. Its capacity is up to 10 people.

The house is located 12 km from the City of Bor, 4 km from Brestovacka Banja Spa, 1 km from Bor Lake and 11 km from the Crni Vrh Mountain. The house is 100 m from the main highway Bor-Bor Lake, and a gravel road leads to the house.

It is on an excellent position, so it has an ideal opportunity for summer and winter tourism. In the immediate vicinity is the Savača resort with many fields for sports and recreation. The house is on a plot of 10 ares. The house has 58 m2 with an attic of 20 m2.

A plan for reconstruction and adaptation has been made for the house.


A business associate - partner is required for the project. The owner of the house is also the owner of the company Agro Plan Pro, which deals with activities related to agriculture, and the goal is to improve the business related to eco-food, ie the production and sale of domestic products (brandy, jams etc.).

According to the project for the house, a three-phase electrical installation was done, and it was connected to the city electrical network. There is a two-tariff meter in the building. The house is connected to the water supply and sewerage network. The house has a permit for use.





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