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11 reasons for investing in eastern Serbia

The closest neighbor of the EU and 330km from the border with the EU
Skilled and adaptable workforce with competitive labor costs
Extensive interventions are in progress to improve the transport infrastructure in the region
Large offer of locations for greenfield and brownfield investments at more than competitive prices
A large number of potential local suppliers
Numerous examples of successful investments
Quality business environment with excellent incentives from the state
Foreign trade of the region (import-export) doubled in the last 5 years
Preserved environment and significant natural resources
Dedicated local self-government that sees investors, above all, as partners
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Locations and projects in tourism

Name Municipality Type
Nikoličevska banja spa, Zaječar Zaječar Greenfield
Gamzigradska banja spa, Zaječar Zaječar Greenfield
Apart Hotel "Jelkice", 1300 beds, Stara planina  Knjaževac  Greenfield
Hotel "Lipa", 520 beds, Stara planina Knjaževac Greenfield
The tourist complex "Jabučko ravnište" on the Stara Planina mountain - 6,000 beds Knjaževac Greenfield
Tourist facility in the village of Crni Vrh, Stara planina, Knjaževac Knjaževac Greenfield
Ethno house "Torlaci", Knjaževac  Knjaževac  Brownfield
Spa/Wellness Hotel "Banjica" - 4,500 m2, Knjaževac Knjaževac Greenfield
Log cabin on the Stara planina mountain Knjaževac Brownfield
Training center for action sports Knjaževac Greenfield
Coworking space for the IT community, Jelašnica village Knjaževac Brownfield
Ex millitary Culture Center in Negotin Negotin Brownfield
Camp Kamenac near Negotin, on the Niš-Kladovo main road Negotin Greenfield
Tourist and recreational complex "Stevanske livade", 8 ha, Negotin Negotin Brownfield
Fish Processing Facility on Danube, 600 m2, Negotin Negotin Brownfield
Restaurant complex "Jezero" (Lake) in Kladovo Kladovo Greenfield
Plot in the Iron Gate above Trajan's tablet Kladovo Greenfield
Apartment complex in Brza Palanka Kladovo Brownfield
National restaurant in Fetislam Fortress, Kladovo Kladovo Brownfield
Coffee shop in Fetislam Fortress, Kladovo Kladovo Brownfield
Fish restaurant in Fetislam Fortress, Kladovo Kladovo Brownfield
Hotel "Zdravljak" with 204 rooms and 6 apartments, Sokobanja Sokobanja Brownfield
Hotel "Turist" with 38 rooms and 2 apartments in the center of Sokobanja Sokobanja Brownfield
Restaurant "Čoka", 284 m2, Sokobanja Sokobanja Brownfield
Hunting lodge 246 m2, near Sokobanja Sokobanja Greenfield
Tourist settlement on 17 ares near Seselac Cave, Sokobanja Sokobanja Brownfield
Hunting Lodge Sokobanja Brownfield
Plot in Sokobanja with a small lake Sokobanja Greenfield
A plot of 1.2 ha in the village of Vrmdža near Sokobanja Sokobanja Greenfield
Apartment hotel project in the center of Sokobanja Sokobanja Greenfield
Tourist facility "Gmitrović Apartments" on the Rtanj mountain Sokobanja Brownfield
A plot of 278 ares at the Crni Vrh ski resort near Bor Bor Greenfield
House near Bor Lake Bor Brownfield
Adrenaline park on 190 ares near Donji Milanovac Majdanpek Greenfield
Camp near Donji Milanovac with a view to the Danube Majdanpek Greenfield
Villa “Aleksandar” at the foot of the Rtanj mountain Boljevac Greenfield
Plot with a view of the Rtanj Mountain in Boljevac, 6.5 ares Boljevac Greenfield
Motel Panorama, 47 beds, Boljevac Boljevac Brownfield


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