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The City Gate


The Shopping Center City Gate (Kapija grada) is a building with warehouses and garage space near to the city center, next to the Sports and Recreation Center "Mladost" on the corner of Zeleni bulevar and Nade Dimić streets, across the hotel "ALBO".

It consists of 4 lamellas, a total area of 6.872 m2 and has a basement, ground floor and first floor.

The facility is not finished and has never been in use. The degree of completion of the facility is about 53%, and construction was stopped in 2000. The building is under a roof, rough construction works have been completed, windows and doors are installed. The facade wall is constructed as a sandwich wall with hydro and thermal insulation, the facade is combined with white and red silicate bricks. Installations (water, electricity...) were not completed.

Business and spaces for trade are planned on the ground floor and first floor, and warehouses with a garages in the basement. Vertically, it is planned to connect the floors with a freight elevator, and there is also a traffic access from the street to the underground, basement floor, to the warehouse and garages. The approximate floor area in each lamella is from 650 to 820 m2. Within the shopping center there are parking lots and plateaus with green areas.


The building has a construction permit, but not a permit for use.

The building is registered in the cadaster register.

The building is covered by the General regulation plan of the city of Bor (2018).

The bigest owner is Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d. which owns two lamellas (L2 and L4), while the owners of lamellas L1 and L3 are the City of Bor and Serbia Zijin Cooper doo Bor





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